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A Business Coach works with a Business Owner to help move their business from where it is to where they want it to be. There are a number of ways a business coach can help:
(1) Increase Sales (2) Aligning their Marketing (3)
Looking at their product/s. (4) People in the business (4) Finance and Investment.

Essentially businesses need to clarify the products
they offer, develop a business strategy for growth, review their marketing, develop their business development plan and strategy for growth. A business coach’s role is to develop the business person and help them with their profitability, revenue growth and improve effectiveness. A business coach is there to
challenge, inspire and help you and your business grow and achieve success.

I can work with all kinds of businesses. Very simply put, the key issues for all businesses are the same: Sales, Product, People, Marketing and Finance.

Whether your business is at concept stage, early stages or established and thinking about exit or even helping to raise finance and expand Hi-Juice have the skills to help. Our preferential industries are retail, education, property and motor engineering.

We offer a FREE business Assessment for ambitious business owners to see where you can improve your business and thrive. A Complimentary Business Assessment, it’s a 45 minute meeting designed to help you understand where you are in the business lifecycle and how we can help with Business Growth, Funding Your Next Stage of Success or Selling and Moving On. This could be within the 5 pillars of business being, Sales, Marketing, Products, Finance and People. The business assessment is done online or by phone, it is totally confidential.

All sessions are paid for prior to the session taking place. I offer sessions in blocks of 4, 6 or 12. We don’t offer pay as you go support, all our work is made on an individualised plan of support. Payment can be made either by use your credit / debit card. Alternatively you can pay by direct bank transfer.

In addition to providing you with the one to one session time we also include time that spend preparing in advance for your session and writing up notes after it.

This includes background work, research and writing down the goals and actions as a part of the initial business growth mentor plan.

Email support is provided and I reply within 48 hours.

It is true to say that small business owners will require support in all areas of mentorship, coaching and consultancy. It’s the powerful combination of skills and the levels of these 3 areas which gets results. This is why I believe that understanding business owners future ambitions, goals, longer term vision and happiness is crucial to their support.

I ensure I nurture a business owners support providing a totally
powerful individualised coaching support plan.

Sessions are booked every 3 weeks so that consistent goals and actions are achieved and progress is made. Most clients invest in 12 sessions. They are booked Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 6.30pm. All support is face to face or via online platforms such as Skype, Zoom.

Each business session lasts 75 minutes long.