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Time. Money. Legacy.


Time management is about managing yourself and your productivity. It’s about making a commitment to be more organised, maintain your focus and use your time to your best advantage.

Perhaps the first steps in managing your time effectively are to work out what’s important in your business and what you want from it. An understanding of your goals will assist you to set clear priorities and gain clarity to project achievable plans.

I have devised a set of proven tools that assist with time management. We will coach you to use the tools and help you appreciate the importance of working with strategies that are effective for YOU and not anyone else.

As a proven entrepreneur / business coach and mentor I believe time management is about finding the tool and strategy that gets the job done in an uncomplicated way.


Money is a medium of exchange in the sense that we all agree to accept it in making transactions. The more money we have available to us, the more transactions we can make.

Business is about providing goods and services to others so that their life experience is enhanced.

The fact that you get paid for this means you also can have a better life experience. Hence, the interdependency of money between people and businesses is one of the bedrocks of modern society.

I believe that most businesses can survive through environmental and internal demands by tweaking costs and pricing. As a business mentor and coach I am able to provide guidance, expertise and foresight so that businesses can thrive even in challenging circumstances.

Making money is a fundamental outcome of running a successful business. However, to run a successful business you need financial stability and having me as a business coach and mentor I will guide you through this.


The legacy of your business is the culmination of leadership, culture, values and productivity.

As a business coach and mentor I help business owners to formulate the legacy which provides a great sense of achievement and pride. Often ego and control are counter intuitive and my job is to channel that great enthusiasm and energy into a more inclusive and collaborative business environment.

A business which has a long lasting legacy will ultimately have a much greater positive impact on people’s lives.

A business with a great legacy is also valued much higher and has more influence in its industry sector.

Kam Pindoria

“Passionate Physicist at heart, Stephen Hawking admirer and devoted to seeing children succeed in linking science concepts and the universe.

That’s just one side of him. As a qualified teacher of Science, Kam Pindoria is totally committed to children’s education and still ensures he tutors 2 days a week in between following his real passion and commitment to business coaching & mentoring entrepreneurs.

Being a devoted dad to 2 children, very keen motor sport enthusiast he loves nature and anything outdoor.

As his business and life partner I have to admire his characteristic visionary nature. His strategic and innate forward-thinking ability allows him to be exceptional at business entrepreneurship. He promotes having good work-life balance is imperative for life success.

Unfortunately, I cannot capture Kam Pindoria’s remarkable talent in this short bio, However if you want to get to know him better and MORE IMPORTANTLY what he can do for your business and YOU contact him today. He will totally make you feel at ease and help you.” – Ana Ambika Pindoria

"I can’t recommend working with Kam enough."

I was facing a major change project in my business and needed some clarity and a plan, and this is what Kam was able to give me as my business coach and mentor. Kam quickly got to the heart of my problem and had lots of ideas about how to simplify my situation and make the best progress. Now I am on the other side of my change project I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have got there without his help and advice.
Kam really, really knows what he is talking about!

Mary Lonsdale

"From the very first meeting Kam has brought so much clarity and expertise to my business."

Taking time to listen, and to completely understand my current business situation, and have enabled me to identify its strengths and weaknesses as well as my goals. After several years of coasting along in my tutoring business, wanting to effect change and improvements but not knowing where to find suitable business mentors, it was particularly satisfying to find and Kam and Ana. Not only are they highly successful business people themselves, but they also are teachers with a heart for education, for building confidence in learning and enabling progress. It is therefore the ideal combination. I would recommend Kam and Ana to anyone who needs similar guidance and business mentoring.

Margaret Sweetland